Movie Review: Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal (2012)

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What’s the movie aboutBakri Johny!! That’s the insinuating cry of every man, woman and child in this village when they see Johny (Shreyas). Afraid of everything and everyone, Johny is one terrified soul. Born into the household of David (Om Puri), a local farmer and being the only son, Johny does what he’s best at to help his ailing father… Nothing! Other than buying lottery tickets every week. The only thing going in his life is his love for Maria (Madhhurima) the daughter of the village’s biggest gunda and sworn enemy of David… Peter (Paresh Rawal).

Armed with two herculean son’s, Peter goes to all ends to make sure his daughter and Johny never marry, until one day, hope comes in the form a silent, strong but very hungry man, Sam (Nana Patekar). What happens next is a complete dhamaal of fun, action and drama resulting in one very Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal!

Priyadarshan’s comic entertainers have a similar template and KAMAAL DHAMAAL MALAMAAL is no exception. It takes off as a light-hearted entertainer and the comic doses, a few of them, are amusing. Unfortunately, in view of the fact that the film boasts of a powerhouse of talent and the fact that the man at the helm of affairs is Priyadarshan, one expects a lot of dhamaal, with several kamaal situations woven in the plot. But the kamaal and dhamaal are limited to the title, not the script or the performances by its actors.

The film lacks the by-now-famous Priyadarshan stamp. One would expect Priyadarshan to return with a slam-bang entertainer, but KAMAAL DHAMAAL MALAMAAL is not in league with his earlier accomplished works.


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Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
2.5 “An interesting film, and far superior to the prolific Priyadarshan’s other recent comedies like De Dana Dan, Khatta Meetha and Malamaal Weekly, a prequel to Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal.”
NDTV Movies
Negative Reviews
1.0 “This one’s a dud!”
Bollywood Hungama
1.0 “Priyadarshan had been running a similar scheme of his own in Bollywood.”
Daily Bhaskar
1.0 ” Only if you want to torture yourself, go for it! Else, just sit back home and enjoy the repeat telecasts of Madhuri’s Jhalak dikhhla Jaa!”

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