Movie Review: OMG Oh My God (2012)

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The ‘Inspired’ remake is based on the life of Kanjibhai (Paresh Rawal), an antique shopkeeper. When a tornado destroys his antique store, he begins to disbelieve in God. The film revolves around his journey at taking down God which he is unable to do, but clearly doesn’t realize, and soon begins to fight all the priests of the city, which starts mayhem until Lord Krishna (Akshay Kumar) pays Kanji an unexpected visit.

OMG – OH MY GOD! is an adaptation of the enormously admired play ‘Krishan Vs Kanhaiya’. For those who have viewed the play, get ready to be surprised by some fresh sequences/episodes that have been integrated in the movie. But those who haven’t watched ‘Krishan Vs Kanhaiya’, then watching its film interpretation should be a fine experience. It has all the elements that make a movie work: an interesting premise, amusing episodes and an underlining message that settles with you.

OMG – OH MY GOD! carries a social message, a significant one, but the best part is, it does so without losing the wit and humor. Most importantly, it doesn’t get preachy, nor does it deviate into the sermonizing mode. The film demonstrates Kanji as a nastik or a non-believer in God at the very outset, who, paradoxically, uses religion to run his business. The episodes in the first hour raise a chuckle, in fact you wear a smile ceaselessly. The turn of events in the latter part gives the film that extra sheen, thus raising the bar. The courtroom drama is transfixing and the underlying message that God dwells within us is profoundly heartwarming.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “OMG – OH MY GOD! carries a social message, a significant one, but the best part is, it does so without losing the wit and humor.”
Bollywood Hungama
3.5 “OMG conveys a serious message this festive season – God is to be found in human beings.”
Times Of India
3.5 “OH MY GOD! comes as a bold move. A move that is likely to be viewed fanatically by those immersed in religious rituals forgetting the simple truth of living.”
3.5 “OMG Oh My God is an honest film with a strong message which should be encouraged and seen especially for the brilliance of its script and the delightful acting of Paresh Rawal!”
3.0 “The ‘Divine Comedy’ doesn’t bore. Watch the film for a lot of things – Paresh Rawal being the top of the list!”
Zee News
3.0 “Watch it out if you believe in genuine and clean concept rather than any mindless entertainment.”
One India
Average Reviews
2.5 “The film’s premise is courageous no doubt, but its heart and sinews are rather weak. It seems to chickens out a tad easily in the end.”
NDTV Movies
2.5 “The movie seems to steer away from the main issue; the unsatisfactory explanations.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Paresh Rawal is great but the concept hasn’t translated so well from play to film.”

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