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Aamir Khan recreates Hotel Lido for Talaash event

All junior artists who have worked in the film will be called to be in the backdrop and create a realistic ambience of Hotel Lido for the event.

Aamir Khan is known to be the perfectionist and always likes to do things differently. Like we all know, promotional events of any movie plays a significant role in creating buzz around the film. And who better than Aamir Khan when it comes to planning innovative promotions for his film!

This time, on the music launch for his film Talaash, the entire event venue will look like Hotel Lido which is an important character in the film. For this purpose, going one step further, even the extras who have shot for the film have been contacted to be present at the music launch. The entire purpose is to get authenticity to the venue. The idea is to look real.

“The junior artists who have acted in the film by being in the backdrop of Hotel Lido scenes have been contacted. The idea is to create the exact feeling of Hotel Lido at the launch of the music in order to get the feel of this hotel at the launch. Each of the junior artists is being called, so that they can add to the ambiance of the music launch and thereby develop the precise feeling of Hotel Lido”, says a source associated with the film.

By creating this ambience, the audience will very well be able to relate to the movie. The makers of the film are making sure that all their marketing strategies are unique.


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