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Kareena & Saif want to have a small private wedding: Randhir Kapoor

Randhir Kapoor talks to TOI about his own and his daughter Kareena’s marriage and the RK legacy, which Karisma, Kareena and Ranbir have taken forward.

Not many seem to have been invited for the wedding?
As much as Babita, me and the entire Kapoor family would like to have a reception party, we have to respect the sentiment of the couple who are marrying. Kareena and Saif want to have a small, private wedding, and only the immediate relatives of the Kapoors and the Khans, and friends close to my children have been invited. I would personally like to say sorry to those who’ve not been invited to the wedding. The bigger reception in Delhi has been organised by Saif’s mother, a lot of politicians will be attending that one as Sharmilaji is very well-connected politically. I just want Kareena’s fans to pray that she remains happy in her marriage.

Is Babita shifting back to RK House?
Babita is happy where she is. We are certainly together, it is just that we decided to stay separately. She is still my wife and I am her husband.

And what is the father of the bride planning for the wedding?
There is not much planning as it is going to be a quiet wedding. The registered marriage will take place here and the reception in Delhi. If I had my way, I would’ve had a big bash and invited the whole world. But kids of today are different and have their own mindset. Besides, it would’ve been chaotic with the crowd and media hype.

Will Kareena be converting like Sharmila did when she married Pataudi?
Nobody is converting here — one human being is getting married to another, so they are not concerned about caste, creed or breed. They are going in for a registered marriage, and as long as they are happy, they have my blessings. They want to follow what they believe in. I am not marrying off a 19-year-old here.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali said that he didn’t want a married ‘Juliet’ when he got Kareena replaced in his film. Comment.
Today, people think differently. Hrithik Roshan married a year after he made his debut and he is a superstar. No one cares about who’s married or not. Marriage was an issue in my times, it mattered then and that is why people would declare their marital status years later.

But it does seem to matter when it comes to heroines?
We will see what happens then. Sharmila Tagore became ‘the’ Sharmila Tagore only after marriage. Hema Malini has been married for a long time. And both were superstars. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, too, is married.

But Karisma’s return to the screen did not create any kind of ripples at the box-office?
And neither was my favourite actress Madhuri Dixit’s return great shakes. It depends on what kind of projects one gets or chooses. There is always a hit and a flop, it’s part of working in the film industry. Lolo’s children are grown up, so she had time to do something and she is happy doing it.

Ranbir has a reputation for doing the kind of cinema that probably his seniors wouldn’t dare to, he’s always experimenting…
That is his choice, not Rishi Kapoor’s, and he is doing a bloody good job of it. He didn’t start by doing a Bobby, but a Saawariya, which was darker than Black. But he was so good and that is why he has taken off on a successful note. The family is very proud of Kareena, Karisma and Ranbir’s work. All of them have taken the name of Kapoor household several notches higher.

Why don’t you act often?
You will get to see more of me now. A lot of good offers are coming to me and I am doing it just to keep myself busy. In fact, I am really enjoying this new phase — as they say, once an actor always an actor. I give credit to Sajid (Khan), who pushed me into doing a film like Housefull 1 and then, 2.

When are you planning to revive the RK banner?
You will hear an announcement by the end of the year. The trend today is to announce the film after one starts it, and that is what we plan to do. It may or may not star a kid from our house or a director. We will take them if they are required, we are not making a film for them.


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