Movie Review: Chakravyuh (2012)

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In an era dominated by entertainers and remakes, with almost every film-maker eyeing the 100 cr Club, very few film-makers have taken the courageous route of tackling issues plaguing our society, narrating stories that seem to mirror the reality. Prakash Jha is a frontrunner in this category. From DAMUL to AARAKSHAN, Jha has raised pertinent questions through his movies. CHAKRAVYUH focuses on the Naxalite movement, besides focusing on the plight of tribals caught between the Naxals on one hand and police/politicians on the other and most importantly, it raises the burning issue of progress/development versus dislodgment/displacement.

But CHAKRAVYUH isn’t a dry film or a docu-styled feature on how and why the Naxalite movement has spread in various parts of the country. Jha knows, and knows well by now, that a message rings loud and clear if it’s conveyed with a riveting plot and interesting characters that the common man expects from popular/mainstream cinema. Sure, CHAKRAVYUH is about Naxalites, but at the centre of the conflict is the story of two friends and how the issue [Naxalite] drives a wedge between two thick friends.

CHAKRAVYUH narrates the story of two friends, Adil [Arjun Rampal], a cop and Kabir [Abhay Deol], a free-spirited soul. Adil accepts his transfer to a Naxal-infested area. Kabir, who joins him subsequently, comes up with an idea of penetrating into the Naxalite movement with the sole intention of sharing the secrets with Adil, thus helping him zero on the leaders of the Naxal movement [Om Puri, Manoj Bajpayee, Anjali Patil]. But the equations change soon enough: It becomes a fight between the two friends. One who’s fighting against the Naxalites [Arjun] and the other, who’s fighting for Naxals [Abhay].


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “Chakravyuh does have its unhinged moments but Prakash Jha quickly reimposes a sense of ongoing drama and impending catastrophe which keeps the audiences’ heartbeats racing dangerously.”
NDTV Movies
3.5 “CHAKRAVYUH is an engaging drama. It chronicles a burning issue, but is entertaining concurrently, something that Prakash Jha balances beautifully in film after film. Watch it!”
3.5 “You may not like this movie if socio-political entertainers are not your cup of tea.”
Times Of India
3.0 “CHAKRAVYUH gives you a ringside view of the people’s movement.”
3.0 “Jha has once again woven fictional elements and characters with real incidents and people to present a film that touches the right chords.”
DNA India
Average Reviews
2.5 “Chakravyuh is just your average action flick.”
2.5 “Do watch the film if you are interested in and/or curious about the Naxal issues.”
2.5 “Chakravyuh gets mired by the Bollywood commercial retrains. A little more in-depth portrayal about the Naxal issue could’ve worked better for the film. “
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Watch Chakravyuh for a semi-decent take on the plague of Naxalism.”

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