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Shah Rukh Khan, a reckless lover no more

“King of romance? I thought you were referring to me!” quips Shah Rukh Khan when we quiz him about working with filmmaker Yash Chopra who will be directing the superstar once again in Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Shah Rukh, who can still make women go weak in the knees, both on-screen and off-screen, talks about his evolution from a romantic hero to an intense lover in his films.

“My physicality has only changed as an actor and not as a lover. I have started essaying intense roles with emotional complexities rather than the testosterone-driven reckless young lover,” he says.

Asked about being paired with actresses half his age, he smiles, “That’s the reason I am working with two leading ladies in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, so that their combined ages can add up to my own. But jokes apart, I can be whatever you perceive me to be. If you prefer young love, you will find it in me and if your tastes run into mature men, you know where to look!”

Talking about his real life perception of love and romance, SRK elaborates, “Contrary to the larger than life, macho or romantic roles I essay on-screen, for me love is about the simpler things in life. Right from lending a patient ear, laughing with each other to enfolding the other person in a much needed hug, these are the gestures that count in a relationship.”

He also talks about the varying definitions of love with the changing times.

“Before my kids were born, I had a couple of dogs and I used to tell my wife that I will never be able to love my kids more than these dogs. But things changed the moment I held my newborn in my arms. Eventually with time one does fall in love with different puppies or dogs,” he adds with a touch of self-effacing humour.

Leading lady Katrina Kaif, who joined in the conversation via Skype from Chicago where she is currently shooting Dhoom 3, says that it was her dream to work with the actor for the last eight years, “There were times during this film, when I would just look at Shah Rukh and would forget all about acting.”

The leggy lass adds that the tips SRK shared with her about playing his heroine were quite invaluable.

“He taught me how to act coy, put my chin down and look up to him. Shah Rukh would shout at me to stand straight and look into his eyes. Apparently, I was looking everywhere else but at him in all the romantic scenes!” she confesses.


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