A one time watch for Yash Chopra – 3.0/5.0

Yash Chopra’s labour of love, the last film by the legend, his swansong, his walk into the sunset and many more phrases are being used to describe the last outing by this maverick filmmaker.

With some big names attached to the project like Yash Chopra, AR Rahman, Gulzar, Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Kat (in that order), one expects this to be nothing short of a romantic extravaganza, the likes of which Bollywood has never seen. So is it?

Alas, this one is a mixed bag of some soulful moments, great locales, decent acting, mediocre music & a very average story.

SRK is a poor musician in London who doubles as a waiter. He bychances to meet Katrina, a rich girl who wants to learn music from him. They fall in love but a sudden incident changes their course & Samar makes his way back to India & joins the armed forces as a bomb disposal expert. There he meets Anushka, a budding filmmaker who wants to make a film on him. I’ll not divulge more on the story but just say that there are a few more twists & turns.

The first half is quite good & even the latter starts very well, but one cliched twist after another takes the story downhill. The ending is very disappointing. Another major letdown, surprisingly, is the music by AR Rahman.

A special mention for the stunning visuals & camerawork by Anil Mehta. The opening credit sequence will have SRK fans hooting. Shahrukh does a good job but its far from his best. He looks better here than he has in the last 3 years. Anushka for me is the best actor in the film & Katrina looks stunning & has truly evolved as an actor.

What can one say about Yash Chopra. He’s given us decades of cinematic brilliance but sadly, not this one. The issue is not in the direction but in the story by Adi Chopra & Devika Bhagat. The beauty of this master director is that he takes a wafer thin plot and still weaves it into a 3 hour watchable film.

To sum it up, this might be his last but not his best. Had he been aptly supported by a stronger script & the right music, this one would have gone all guns blazing. Watch it once & soak up the moments & the superb visuals. A one time watch.

By: Kshitij


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