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A tight suspense story with a good emotional track to it – 4.0/5.0

By: Smita

If you are looking for a Kahaani in this movie, don’t. It’s a suspense movie for the first half and an emotional movie for the second. The good part is that it keeps you guessing till almost the very end when it decides to tell you all. In that sense there are no a- ha moments later or not much dissecting to do after the movie is over. I, of course cannot tell you much about the story except that its about a cop solving a murder and fighting his own personal demons.

Aamir Khan, as usual is in top form as the tortured cop, Kereena looks quite lovely though I found her coy, simpering act a bit irritating. Rani looks gorgeous and shines in her role as Aamir’s wife. What a relief to see her like this after Aiyya. Nawaz Siddique is everywhere these days and as the guy who tries to cash in on some unexpected good fortune he is extremely good. The music by Ram Sampath is amazing. All in all, Talaash is a perfectly decent watch. The first half keeps you on your toes and though the slow place of the second half can get a bit bugging, the emotional intensity adds some beauty to it. The thing is, an Aamir Khan movie ratchets expectations up to an unusual degree. Let go of that and you will truly enjoy this one.


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