Jab Tak Hai Sense, Avoid This Nonsense – 2.0/5.0

When I first saw the trailer of Jab tak hai Jaan, I caught a glimpse of the old SRK and my heart did the old familiar skipping a beat routine. That’s when I allowed myself to have some expectations from this movie.

Alas, that little glimpse was all I got of the old SRK. The sad part is that there are also no glimpses of a new SRK, someone who can act differently. Obviously, he has decided that jab tak hai jaan, he will be the old Shah Rukh Khan. But a 45 going on 28 just does not do it for me.

The story itself is astonishing. SRK is a young Punju boy trying to make it big in London. He meets a rich Indian girl, teaches her Punju song, she teaches him English in return, they do some random bad dancing, kiss and fall in love. OK, so far nothing out of the ordinary. Then it turns bizarre. You think it may be a rich v/s poor thing. But no, it’s a man v/s God thing. He has an accident; she tells God that if He saves boyfriend’s life she will never meet him again. And she leaves him.

He is devastated (by her stupidity I assume) and goes off to become a bomb expert in the Indian army courting death by not wearing protective gear. Then meets a chirpy young documentary maker who makes a film on him for which he comes to London where he has another accident and loses his memory, regresses 10 years and goes back to thinking he is with girlfriend. She plays along till she has to kiss him at which point she evokes the doctor’s orders. Blah blah happens, and the story peters out like a defused bomb.

Thank God for Anoushka Sharma who injects a breath of fresh air into the proceeedings with her lively act, which of course is no different from her other lively acts. But at least its better than watching Katrina trying to cry in distress and managing to look like a child whose balloon flew away. She is wooden throughout out and if not for her luscious lips and white thunder thighs has nothing to offer. Poor Anupam Kher doesn’t get to play his usual loony dad character and is disposed off after a scene and a half at the start (did they have a fall out?).

The chemistry between Kat and SRK is abysymal. She looks like a plump round Rossogulla in black dresses; he looks like a shrivelled gulab jamum, and the sickly sweet syrup in which they swim only makes you choke.

I think you had better regress 10 years yourself and watch some older Yash Raj films if romance is what you are looking for this holiday season.

By – Smitha


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