JTHJ deserves your 3 hrs only if you are a Yash Chopra or Shahrukh fan – 3.0/5.0

In Yash Chopra’s Dil Toh Pagal Hai Karisma Kapoor screamed at god “tum galat ho”. Year’s later Jesus Christ plays an important role in messing up Samar Anand’s (Shahrukh Khan) love life just because Mira (Katrina Kaif) is in a give and take relationship with him. The deal is He grants her a wish; she gives up something she loves. Her one wish changes the course of life for Samar Anand turning him into a bomb diffusion expert labeled “the man who can’t die.”

If there is a genre called leave your brains behind comedy then this would be leave your brains behind romance. You have to be a hardcore romantic to believe in the plot devices this film throws at you.

The film worked for me until the 2nd act but derailed completely in the 3rd act. The theme JTHJ explores is that every love story has it’s time to be get fulfilled. Something like the Latin term Suo Tempore which means everything will happen at its own time. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s one scene beautifully delves into it. Wish it explored the theme better without bringing in sir Jesus to add to the conflict.

It didn’t bore me to a large extent thanks to SRK and Anil Mehta’s eye candy cinematography. In fact after Swades and Chak De this is the 3rd film in which I found SRK very good. Katrina tries hard to emote and get into her character but despite her best efforts her face refuses to show the required emotion. Anushka as Akira is in her bubbly girl template and at times looked like she walked out of that irritating ad she did for Reliance.

The film suffers from weak and lethargic writing even though Aditya Chopra’s dialogues make it come alive at some places. For example the best line in the film for me was “jab ishq ke saamne khuda jhuk jaata hai toh waqt kya cheez hai. Usse toh badalna hi tha”.

The Yash Chopra romance died for me from the time Aditya Chopra started writing films for his father. He bought the best talents in the world for him for this film but I wish he would have gone right with selecting a good writer.

The only time I saw the jaan in this film was in the end montage cut to the title track.

Word of mouth – Jab tak hai jaan deserves your 3 hrs only if you are a Yash Chopra or Shahrukh Khan fan.

By – Rony Dcosta


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