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Kajol makes London Mayor fly economy class

It was one of the rare encounters when Bollywood stardom brushed shoulders with an international politico. This time it was none other than Kajol, who bumped into Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, on a Hyderabad to Mumbai flight while he was on a six-day trip to India.

But if you think they swapped high flier notes in business class, think again. Mr Johnson couldn’t get a business class seat because they had reportedly been booked up by Kajol and her entourage, leaving Mr Johnson to fly economy.

But the Mayor of London took it in his stride and happily posed for a picture with Kajol as she jumped on the VIP bus on the tarmac. He later tweeted the picture, saying, “Just landed in Mumbai, home of Bollywood. Delighted to meet film mega star Kajol.”

Boris Johnson is, of course, used to being caught in sticky situations. At the opening ceremony of the London Olympics earlier this year, he was left dangling above the stadium after his aerial entry on a zipwire came to halt mid-zip. He was eventually rescued and later jokingly referred to himself as the “Yuri Gagarin of the zipwire.”

We like you, Mr Johnson.


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