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Madhuri’s secretary Rikku left her as he was hurt

Madhuri Dixit recently ousted her secretary Rikku Rakeshnath in favour of Reshma Shetty. Their association was almost 27 years old. And in all the time that they were together, he kept Madhuri’s interests above all else.

He was heard telling friends, “I didn’t do enough for my own children… but I definitely kept Madhuri on a pedestal. Her interests came above all else.”

Since Madhuri returned to India from the US for good, with the intention of giving her Bollywood career a second chance, she has wanted to build on her brand equity. There is talk of of her getting into film production, starting a fashion line, etc. She, therefore, switched from old-school Rikku to new-age Reshma.

The story so far, read fine. People move on. But one hears from close sources what reportedly hurt Rikku was the fact that it was suggested that if he wished to continue working for Madhuri, he should do so under Reshma’s guidance.

Now, Rikku is an old hand in Bollywood. He has worked with many Bollywood superstars in the past. He has produced films and is obviously not the sort who will play second fiddle to anyone. One hears that he was hurt when he heard of the ‘suggestion’. He decided to keep his pride intact and move on.

When contacted, Rikku declined to comment saying he wasn’t associated with Madhuri. “So, I don’t have anything to say,” he maintained.


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