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Ranbir Kapoor to play Kishore Kumar

That Ranbir Kapoor will play Kishore Kumar in Anurag Basu’s biopic on the legendary singer has been reported earlier. The latest on this front is the actor will require at least six months of preparation and a minimum of year and a half of shooting for what is being billed as the most difficult role of his career yet.

It doesn’t end there. Ranbir will have to sport three looks in the film to portray three different stages in Kishore Kumar’s life. And the toughest aspect of this transition will be the weight gain. The older Kishore will have to be at least 12-15 kg heavier than his younger avatar.

Basu confirmed the news and said, “Ranbir will have to bulk up in the course of the character’s development. Ranbir will have to play Kishore right from the time he was 19 till he turned 58. It is not going to be easy at all for Ranbir.”

On the subject of piling on the pounds, a source close to the project said, “The Kapoor Khandaan is known to put on weight even when they sniff at a calorie. Ranbir is the scrawniest Kapoor but avoids putting on weight. For Kishore, he has no choice.”

Luckily for Basu, Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar is on board and will guide them throughout. “We’re fortunate to have him with us. However, Ranbir will first complete Besharam with Abhinav Kashyap,” said Basu.

So, Ranbir will prepare himself for Basu’s biopic while working on Kashyap’s caper about a con-man from Delhi.

Meanwhile, Basu will use the time to finish the script that is on the verge of completion. He has even got on board Soumik Sen, who has written films like Meerabai Not Out and Hum Tum Aur Ghost. “For the first time, I am co-writing a script with another writer. Kishore is a subject that requires a lot of research,” said Basu.

Kishore’s songs will be sung by his son Amit. And while they are still being selected, we hear Ranbir will be seen crooning his father Rishi Kapoor’s popular number Oh Hanseeni on screen.


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