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When Shatrughan Sinha met Reena Roy

They were a hit jodi in Kalicharan, Vishwanath and a host of films, and they were also a real-life couple before Shatrughan Sinha married Punam Sinha.

Shatrughan Sinha, 10 kilos lighter after his surgery, bumped into his very old friend Reena Roy last week at common friend Pahlaj Nihalani’s son’s wedding. The two had not met for over 15 years. And according to common friends the lady had put on so much weight that Shatrughan Sinha couldn’t recognize her.

Says the common friend, “It was funny, because Shatru had lost so much weight and she had gained so much of those pounds. When they met Shatru was a bit puzzled. He was seeing her after nearly 15 years and she had changed quite a lot.”

When one asked the ever-forthright actor about the brief encounter he said, “Yes we met, like two civil human beings. Civil society teaches us to keep social exchanges cordial warm and restrained, although a million storms may be brewing inside.”

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