Dabangg 2 is a rinse repeat exercise with a weaker villain – 3.0/5

By Rony Dcosta

For those who don’t know Dilip Shukla. He has written dialogues for films like Ghayal, Andaz Apna Apna and Mohra and has written Damini. If there is one person besides Salman who deserves credit for Dabangg it is him.

Arbaaz Khan takes over from Abhinav Kashyap and thankfully doesn’t make a mess of the original. He plays safe and sticks to what has already worked before and very smartly keeps the run time to 2 hrs.

This time Chulbul Pandey get transferred to Kanpur where he is supposed to meet a bigger villain but the villain turned out to be a wet fire cracker.

Prakash Raj just barks and barks but doesn’t bite. Having seen him in all his recent Hindi films it was boring to sit through his repetitive performance.

There is no thrill in watching this film that was felt while watching Dabangg but since the character is the ace for this franchise it is easy to sail through it.

The film is still stuck with ideas like children getting kidnapped, villain ka bhai wanting to pick up a girl from mandap and villain torturing the hero’s family just because he can’t get back at him.

Chulbul Pandey deserves an insane, crazy, maniac of a villain if the makers wants to keep this franchise going.

Word of mouth – Dabangg 2 is a rinse repeat exercise with a weaker villain. To see around 20 people dancing to fevicol se was a better high than the film itself.

Rating – *** (above average)

Ticket meter – worth 150/- bucks.


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