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Gang rape of the 23-year-old girl in Delhi created a furore in Bollywood

The gang rape of the 23-year-old girl in Delhi on Sunday night has created a furore in the film industry too, that says it’s high time some action was taken.

Kadi se kadi saza honi chahiye: Salman Khan

At the press conference of Dabangg 2, Salman and Arbaaz Khan were a little surprised when the first few questions put to them were not on the film, but on the Munirka gang rape. While Arbaaz tried to direct the conversation back to the film, saying, “I don’t know whether this is the platform to discuss such a serious topic. A very serious thing has happened, severe punishment should be there, but there are laws for this, it’s not something that today Salman and I can sit and discuss,” Salman didn’t shy away from answering the questions.

He said, “Inka toh role hi nahi hai na life ke andar, yeh jo harkatein hoti hain, rape wagerah, yeh toh sabse third grade crime hain. Agar koi rapist jail bhi chala jaata hai na, toh wahan pe bhi uski pitai hi hoti hai.” When asked about what punishment should be given to rapists, Salman didn’t mince his words, and said, “Kadi se kadi saza honi chahiye aur jald se jald honi chahiye. Dekhiye, bolne ke liye toh impulsively yeh hi aata hai ki maar dena chahiye s****n ko. Lekin maar ke toh khalaas, punishment khatam ho gayi. Unko rakho zindagi bhar taaki unko pata chale ki kitni badi galti ki hai unhone life mein. Second, agar counselling milti hai iske baad, toh nothing like it.

Justice takes too long: Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor says that such things get talked about only when something drastic happens. “It is only when something happens, that we give statements about what needs to be done. Justice takes too long in our country. There is a need to reassess our country’s laws so that justice is ensured and that too, quickly. Also, this incident happened in Delhi and has been widely reported, but similar things happen in the interiors that don’t get reported,” she said.

She also said that asking women to stay indoors is not the solution. Said the actress, “I am a woman and I love to go out at night. Saying that a woman should not go out at night is not the solution.”

Shouldn’t wait for law to be enforced: Divya Dutta

Divya Dutta, who was manhandled a week ago, says that she can empathize with the girl. “I was manhandled recently. For me, even a touch was so humiliating. I was fortunate that my security was with me. But neither I, nor any girl has security every day. Such things are unpredictable. I can understand the pain that this young girl is undergoing. I think it’s a trauma she’ll never recover from. Her life has turned upside down.”

Divya invited some of her friends to watch her play and everyone had agreed to attend it, except one who apologised for not coming because she was afraid of travelling alone after dark. “When I invited some of my friends for my play, one of them said, ‘I would have loved to come but I won’t travel alone at night’. So, such incidents are creating fear among girls. Instead of waiting for the law to get enforced, it’s time for action. Something should be done.”

Actions speak louder than words

Stop Rape Now: A petition addressed to the Supreme Court is being circulated on Facebook. It’s been signed by 2000 people so far.

Protest march at India Gate at 9am, on December 22.

Chain messages asking people to show support to the cause of safety of woman are being forwarded through texts, tweets and status updates.

A protest organised by the JNU Students Union took place at India Gate last evening.

There are pictures and status updates addressed to Delhi CM Sheila Dixit. Some are asking Delhiites to raise their voice by sending messages to the CM’s official id,, or going to meet her. The message reads: If you’re a Delhiite and your blood boils at the neverending spate of crime against women, do make your voice heard. Write a blog, post an update and mail it to the CM at Or go to meet her at 3, Motilal Nehru place, New Delhi. You can register your protest by calling at her office : 011-23392020, 23392030.

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