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Manisha Koirala: I will be fine no matter what the outcome

Actress Manisha Koirala, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, wrote to her fans and well-wishers on a social networking site on Thursday and asked them not to worry about her.

Her status update read: ‘Dear friends thank you for all your wishes.. I m in good place n in good hands..with all your love n prayers I’m sure I’ll was shocking to know but then life is full of must deal with it n move on with faith n dignity..what ever is th out come its for best..I know pl don’t worry..I have had a beautiful life so far n I know,what ever will happen will all be good..thank you from bottom of my heart for your m koirala’.

According to reports, the actress has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Get-well-soon wishes poured in for her after she was rushed to a hospital in Mumbai recently and diagnosed with cancer.

It has been reported that the actress is in the US and will undergo a surgery.

Manisha further wrote on her social networking page: ‘Dear friends I m writing this as a no sadness, I hv told my closest friends n fam too..this is part of life..I m fine n will be fine no matter th out come..I m in gratitude with all the gifts I hv received from this your love n prayers..lets celebrate life in all forms..thank you again for ur prayers…love m.’


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