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Rani Mukherji rehearses for awards function despite leg injury

Rani Mukherji is having to withstand excruciating pain in her leg in order to complete her rehearsals for an upcoming awards function, after she sustained an injury.

According to reports, the actress is supposed to travel to Indonesia for the awards function. However, to make sure that no one else in the team suffers a delay due to her injury, Rani Mukherji is continuing with her rehearsal routine.

A source said, “Rani’s Indonesia act is to take place in a few days. She was practising for her act when she injured herself in her right knee. Since then she has been suffering from immense pain, so much so that she was even wailing for a while.”

The source added, “Rani has given her word to be there in Indonesia. She won’t cancel now. She is in no mood to stop her practice sessions and will take care of her knee once her performance is over.”


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