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Salman with his own resolve to quit smoking

Nearly a year ago, when Hrithik Roshan had tried to give Salman a book which had helped him quit smoking, the temperamental Khan had apparently snubbed him with a Pandeyism. “It has to come from here,” he told Hrithik, tapping a finger on his temple.

Well, the thought is finally and firmly in is head now. Not only is the smoky haze in his vanity van a thing of the past, Sallu is teasing and testing his resolve not to light up.

That doesn’t mean he’s sworn off touching a cigarette or, err, feeling it. These days an unlit ciggie is as much part of his personal effects as his trademark bracelet.

He plays with it for hours, rolls it on his lips, pretend smokes. It’s his favourite toy and a compulsive pastime. Even when he has other matters to attend to, he makes sure it’s never more than an arm’s length away.

Moral of the story? It isn’t always bad to be ultra possessive and commitment phobic at the same time.

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