Same Dalchawal With New Side Dishes – 3.0/5

By: Vivek Tiwari

Dabangg 2 is sequel to 2010 made movie dabangg ,in which salman khan reprises his role of top cop chulbul pandey along with sonakshi sinha playing rajjo and prakash raj as baccha yadav


Chulbul pandey is now transferred to kanpur ,with his first day of duty in kanpur there is kidnapping of child ,chulbul pandey saves kid and instantly gets in news ,on other hand there is a murder of a eyewitness which is sensed that has been done by men of baccha yadav ,as chulbul further gets involved in matter’s of baccha yadav which baccha yadav dosent find good and threats family members of pandey in meanwhile rajjo gets pregnant ,with growing threat of political goon over pandey’s family and in an incident where pandey kills baccha yadav’s brother ( deepak dobriyal) and thus there are consequences on pandey’s family


Dabangg 2 is wat we say is everyday dalchawal with just new side dishses ,that wat D2 is same salman khan with opening the sequence with fight and ending movie with fight ,acting wise he is good not great as it was in first movie ,dailouge delivery, his ethics as good as it was previous,sonakshi sinha this time gets much larger screen time, the romantic scenes between her and khan refresh movie’s dull speed everytime,she is good with her side of acting,prakash raj its like he is in every movie as villian and everytime he makes people hate him which is good , direction wise arbaaz has to learn a lot ,you can see in most of the scenes where good direction would have done magic but it didnt happend in D2 there are total 5 songs which have same atmosphere as it was in previous but kareena’s song dosent look as sexy as it was munni


As i said it is same dalchawal with new side dishes ,highlight of the movie romance of khan and sinha and good songs,one liners and action ,watch the movie if you are a hardcore salman fan, if you are a intellect who watches movie to think about something stay away from this movie , only watch if you want to have a goodtimepass and lots of entertainment which i garunteee you will have


im saying it again it is same movie just with little changes


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