Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone Bring Back DDLJ Memories

Do you remember that scene in ‘DDLJ’ when Shah Rukh Khan puts his hand out while standing on the door of a train so that Kajol could run and take his hand and climb onto the train? And not once, but twice. Do you remember sighing when she finally made it?

Well, a scene similar to this one is going to feature in Shah Rukh Khan’s next – ‘Chennai Express’ – when he is going to help reel-lover Deepika Padukone onto the train. It happens to come at a crucial junction in a sequence of events important in the film.

The sequence is being shot in Goa on Vasco Railway Station, Platform 2. Apparently, Platform 2 has been cordoned off for the shoot, and Shah Rukh Khan has been shooting there since Saturday.

A train has been hired specifically for the shoot and the platform is being made to look like Mumbai’s Kalyan station.

A month ago, Shah Rukh Khan had also shot a sequence at CST Railway Station in Mumbai, where he is shown starting his journey on Chennai Express after receiving blessings from an old woman.

A member of the crew agrees to the resemblance, but says that “it’s not an attempt to recreate the scene. This happens to be an important part of the sequence of events.”

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