Strict ‘Gun’ Laws required

The recent news of shooting of children of age 5-8 by some sicko have left BollyGuide Team and its readers in shock. Just because he had an access to guns, he got a power to kill. Killing himself after killing 26 innocent lives (including 20 childrens) doesn’t justify his acts. If he was mentally challenged then why was such semi-automatic guns made so easily available to him ?

‘Why? Why?’

Not just in US, but even our country should now have strict gun laws. Government should not allow production of illegal arm materials and its sales around the country. They should even ban import of such automatic guns which even a child can use.

It’s not just responsibility of government, but parents should also take good care of their children. Keep a watch on them. DONT LET THEM PLAY even with Toy guns or even Video Games with Guns. A recent research have proved, even a child as early as 5 years old now knows how to hold a gun. Be it influence from movies, games or even toy gun. Its just matter of time that toy gun gets replaced by real one and the child would not hesitate to aim a shoot in a blink of an eye.


Here are some Tweets from Bollywood Fraternity sending their condolences and opinions on the incident;

Ajay Devgn ?@ajaydevgn
My prayers for the families who have lost their children and loved ones in the Connecticut massacre.

Karan Johar ?@kjohar25
shocked n appalled at the massacre in Connecticut..prayers to the families who bear this tragic loss..and PROACTIVITY to America!#guncontrol

Farah Khan ?@TheFarahKhan
So Saddened about the school shooting in connecticut!there’s a reason I Never let my kids play with toy guns even.if every mother did that..

kunal kohli ?@kunalkohli
The U.S has to re look & change their Gun laws. These killings have to stop. It’s sad meaningless & ridiculous. Guns can’t be sold to anyone

kunal kohli ?@kunalkohli
If guns are sold they will be used. Too many times have too many innocents died. The Gun lobby still think they’re livin in the Wild West?

kunal kohli ?@kunalkohli
In today’s terror times as well we can’t be selling guns openly?! How many more children have to die for the U.S to change their laws?!

Amitabh Bachchan ?@SrBachchan
T 961 – Gun control ?? Try getting it passed in the Senate – it shall be gunned down !!

Amitabh Bachchan ?@SrBachchan
T 961 – Atrocious ! Saddened beyond grief ! Just cannot believe that a human can possess such a sick demented mind ! Prayers for families !

Amitabh Bachchan ?@SrBachchan
T 961 – Dinner was laden with heavy visuals and news of the shooting in a US Elementary School !! Little children from KG to 4th grade !!

Jay Sean ?@jaysean
my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends affected by this horrible incident in Connecticut. so awful.

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