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Aamir adheres to Imran’s strict dress code

Aamir Khan first took swimming lessons at the age of 46, for his film Talaash. But now, he enjoys it so much that he actually looks for excuses to stay in the pool.

As luck would have it, Aamir has a swimming pool next to his house. His nephew Imran Khan’s remodelled bungalow, NH 24, also has an indoor pool that Aamir frequents.

Here, one must add a little detail. Aamir, who plays a gymnast in one of his forthcoming movies, has developed a chiselled body. Naturally, the actor is happy to display it.

On one occasion, he landed up at Imran’s pool in a very hot pair of swimming trunks that were a bit too short. And guess who was most aghast at spotting Mamu like that — Imran.

Sources say the nephew asked his uncle to change into something more conservative because there were others in the house and he didn’t want them to see Aamir in such a hot, sexy avatar.

So, did Aamir comply? “Yes, he did,” says our source. “Aamir understood Imran’s point of view and sportingly brought out a less tantalising pair of trunks.”

We hear that when Aamir goes to the pool at NH 24, he adheres to Imran’s strict dress code.

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