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Abu Azmi’s gaffe causes chaos for Ayesha Takia’s family

The families of politician Abu Azmi’s son Farhan and his actress wife Ayesha Takia have been placed in deep embarrassment by the careless misogynist utterances of the senior Azmi.

In a widely quoted and condemned talkathon Abu Azmi opined that girls should not be seen in public with male friends and that extensive interaction between the two sexes has accelerated the rape incidents in the cities.

Deeply mortified both Farhan Azmi and Ayesha have distanced themselves publicly from Abu Azami’s insensitive and absurd observations. But the damage has been done. There is a wedding going on in the Takia family. Ayesha’s politician-father’s remarks couldn’t have been more ill-timed.

Says a source close to the family, “Ayesha’s sister Natasha who aspired to follow her sister into films has now given up her starry dreams and is getting married to a foreigner. Can you imagine, at a time when Ayesha’s sister is tying the knot with a foreigner, Ayesha’s father-in-law says it’s against Indian culture for Indian women to be seen in male company? The Takia household is swarming with relatives and Natsasha’s husband’s relative from abroad. The family has been deeply embarrassed and shamed by Abu Azmi’s remarks.”

While Ayesha was busy with her sister’s wedding celebrations, Ayesha’s mother confirmed her younger daughter’s marriage.

Said Mrs Takia, “My daughter Natasha is getting married on 11 January to Joakim Lindstroem. He’s Swedish. And he’s a traveler, just like Natasha. The house is currently filled with guests.”


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