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Bromance – Ranveer, Ranbir, Arjun

Its good to see male bonding among the new generation bollywood stars. Media has been busy writing too much about the cracks and cold war between bollywood stars but at last truth always prevails. Despite media pitting these new generation stars against each other, these days star still has cordial relationship with each other. The photo reminds me of vintage photo of RajKapoor, Dilip Kumar & Dev Anand during 60s. Looking this picture shot during filmfare party we can clearly see the bromance between Ranveer, Ranbir & Arjun.

We hope this kind of friendship remains intact forever, no matter how much competition they have to face among each other in terms of their work. YE DOSTI HUM NAHIN TODENGE….

For once media will have to eat their papers !


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