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Cost of creating special tiger more than Salman’s film’s budget?

On November 20, Bombay Times reported about Sohail Khan’s promise to his brother Salman that he wouldn’t launch Sher Khan till he had found a Bengal tiger, real or animated, like Richard Parker from Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi.

Seems the cost of creating such a tiger has further dampened Sohail’s spirits. According to our source, the actor-filmmaker inquired from his contacts in the US the expenditure involved in creating tiger like Richard Parker.

“Only creating the tiger and its action was going to cost over `40 crore, which is higher than the regular production budget of a Salman film, minus his fee. So one can imagine the budget required for such a film. Hence, until Salman is assured of the feasibility of such a project, Sohail can’t go ahead with it,” explains our source.

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