Curse of the 2nd half strikes again – 2.5/5.0

By: Kshitij

Judge me if you want but I really liked Race. The first installment was outrageous but entertaining. With 348 twists, it kept me engrossed and there were also a few good tracks thrown in. The sequel is touted to be bigger, better with more twists!(yes, thats what they said). So how does it fare?

The curse of the 2nd half strikes again as you just eyegasm & nothing else.

Revealing anything about an Abbas-Mustan film story will irritate the readers, so I will not let out the wafer thin plotline. Set in some stunning locales like Turkey & Cyprus, Race-2 has 4 good looking actors, lots of smoking hot cars & a pallette that really does please the eyes.

Agreed, the canvas is larger & they try to go to the next level but are not backed by a strong plot. They play out cliche after cliche in typical Bollywood style.

The positives are a few as well. I liked the pacing of the first half and though outrightly filmy, it kept me tossing my popcorn with a few laughs. Deepika Padukone looks jaw-droppingly sexy and Anil Kapoor-Amisha Patel, who might make people cringe, genuinely had me in splits. Saif fits the suave bill to the T. The overall styling of the film is truly remarkable.

There are a few twists & turns thrown in but they are as predictable as a topless scene in a Salman film.

Being a dedicated Abbas-Mustan fan, I was hugely disappointed to not see the zing that filmi films like Ajnabee, Humraaz & Race had.

If you liked the first part, the 2nd will disappoint you. If you dont like filmi, cliched, masala films, this is miles away from your kind of cinema. All in all, a poor 2nd half with a ridiculous climax, that pulls down the rest of the film as well.


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