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No violence and blood in my films: Sajid Khan

With Himmatwala scheduled for a March 2013 release, director Sajid Khan is confident that audiences across India will love his film as it is a family entertainer.

Sajid has ensured his film has a lot of action sequences considering it has Ajay Devgn in the lead but the film is far from violent. “There is a lot of action in Himmatwala but you’ll never see violence in my films. I don’t like blood nor do I believe in putting anything that you cannot watch with women and children,” says Sajid.

“What you will see is hand to hand fights which have not been seen on the silver screen in the last 30-35 years. It’s not about a superstar fighting a hero. In my film, the tiger’s character plays a very important role and it also plays a positive sign in my life.”

Adding, “Animals are always a part of my films and kids will love the tiger in Himmatwala. I’ve given a massive role to the tiger as I’m a fan and I spent a lot of time with them in Mauritius where I visited a tiger farm. I was amazed to see little kids play with them as if they were their pet dogs.”

“The action in my film is not what exists today. It’s proper Hindi cinema that has emotionally driven heroic action.”


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