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Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha faces local ire

Prakash Jha known for making hard hitting films based on current issues is busy with his forthcoming venture Satyagraha. The film which stars Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Manoj Bajpayee and Arjun Rampal has however run into trouble.

Apparently, Jha who will be shooting the film in Bhopal has been alleged to have carried out illegal construction work on a playground in Bhopal which incidentally is the spot from where Mahatma Gandhi had issued his first call for Satyagraha in 1929. Due to this, the filmmaker has been facing the wrath of local residents.

The reason behind these allegations is that the Bhopal Citizens Forum (BCF) feels that the laying of a tar-road and construction of a makeshift market by the production house at the grounds of the historic 19th century Benazir Palace would damage the historic fabric of the area.

However, on the other hand, the filmmaker states that they have acquired the necessary permissions for the shoot, and are currently in the process of making an affidavit that states the area being used will be restored to its original state post the culmination of the shoot.

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