Race 2 will twist your brain cells and leave you all wound up – 2.0/5.0

By: Rony Dcosta

you laughed your heart out in Race (2008) with the constant twist and turns being thrown at you then you would be waiting with an evil wicked grin to welcome Race 2. sorry to burst your bubble but your evil grin will turn into frustrating maniac laughter if you boldly venture into this film.

Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor are the only characters that continue from the earlier film. This time Saif is in the’ race’ to destroy John Abraham. Deepika Padukone is John’s half sister, Jacqueline Fernandes is John’s love interest and Ameesha Patel replaces Sameera Reddy as the dumb and forever horny Anil Kapoor’s assistant.

I don’t think you ought to know what the plot is because it doesn’t matter. what matters is, are the twists being thrown at you at a frantic speed? and are they good enough?. the answer is NO!

it appears that Abbas Mustan first write a list of twists and turns and then weave a story around it. Saif Ali Khan does his “look i’m so cool” act yet again. something which he has now mastered it. He is the only one who gets all the whistles. all the girls are decked up with the flashiest costumes but only Deepika and the locations manage to provide the much needed eye candy .

Abbas Mustan’s last years gift Players was fun and highly entertaining. this one takes itself too seriously.

Word of mouth – Race 2 will twist your brain cells and leave you all wound up.

Rating – ** ( Below Average)

Ticket meter – worth 100 bucks


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