Race is a total masala movie – 2.5/5.0

By: Smita

Race is a total masala movie. It has good-looking people in great clothes with some awesome lipstick colours on the women and sharp clothes (or bare torsos) on the men. The good- looking people hang around in opulent mansions and drive some super speed mean cars. It’s a plastic world inhabited by Barbie’s friends.

There are lots of car chases, nasty fights, romantic scenes and goodies like Jacqueline Fernandes sword fighting in a white pant suit that Saif daringly slices off. There are also total over the top devices like the sunglasses that can read cards and change the cards too that make your little heart sing with delight. Abbas Mastan aim to please and spare none of their imagination to make it happen.

The story of course is of crossing and double crossings and triple crossings till you are quite cross-eyed. But does it matter? You are surely not looking for logic while looking at Deepika’s high slit gown that hides a revolver strapped to her thigh. The fact that you are here means you are not here for serious cinema.

The actors of course have a ball. Who wont? You dress up, party, lagao crazy dialogues and hang around in Turkey. They all look pretty luscious except Jacqeuline whose make up and hair makes her look sometimes like a long lost witch aunt of the Adams family.

What I did not like was the Anil Kapoor – Amisha Patel track. Though Anil Kapoor has a charm about him, it doesn’t suit him when he says stuff like “Cherry, I can’t pop your cherry.” All his lines are hugely sexist and vulgar and so not funny. I also did not like the songs. Boring tunes with even more boring choreography.

Race is a movie you watch leaving logic behind. You do not ask questions like “How can John need only one tiny Band aid after getting bashed to pulp by a prize fighter and have bottles smashed on his head?” Buy lots of popcorn (I won mine by the way. My seat was a lucky number!) sit back and let the fancy nonsense wash over you. If you are going to question the goings on Race is not for you.


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