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Rajnikanth appeals Muslim groups to give up on banning Vishwaroopam

Southern superstar Rajinikanth has appealed to Muslim groups in Tamil Nadu to help actor-director Kamal Haasan in releasing his film Vishwaroopam.

The 95-crore thriller was to be released today but has been banned by the Tamil Nadu government to “protect communal harmony” after some groups objected to the portrayal of Muslims in the movie. The Madras High Court has said it will decide on the film’s future on Monday after a judge reviews it over the weekend.

“I request Muslim brethren to give up their demand to ban Vishwaroopam,” Rajinikanth said today.

“Please discuss with Kamal how to make changes without affecting the storyline,” he urged.

Kamal Haasan held a special screening for leaders of Muslim groups recently, but did not persuade them to drop their campaign against the movie. “Kamal’s screening for Muslims before the theatrical release shows his love and regard for them,” Rajinikanth said.

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