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Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t depend on parents for fame and success

Unlike other actors who are genuinely concerned about monetary gains, Ranbir Kapoor has never been too interested in minting money. “The place where I come from, money has never been a driving factor. I have had a luxurious childhood. I am acting because I love it. I am grateful that I am getting opportunities today,” he was soon quoted as saying while speaking to Anupam Kher at his Actor Prepares acting school.

“I don’t take it for granted. I don’t take my family name for granted. I know, if I have to make a name, I have to do it myself,” he added.

“I can never rely on what my grandfather has done or my parents have done. Because nobody really remembers that and you will be remembered my the work you do,” he further said.

The actor also said that his decision to join acting wasn’t forced upon him.

“My parents being actors, they have never forced down any opinions on me,” said the actor.

“I have never gone to them for advice because they want me to take the credit of my own success and face my failures and that really makes you, who you are. That makes you more responsible and helps you grow,” he added.


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