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RGV’s The Attacks Of 26/11 ends with the hanging of Kasab

Ram Gopal Varma unveiled the theatrical promo of his forthcoming film, The Attacks Of 26/11, at a suburban multiplex recently.

The filmmaker recalled how initially he had no intention of making a movie on the November 2008 incident, even though he visited one of the hotels that were under attack. He said that it was producer Parag Sanghvi who convinced him to make a film on the incident. Sanghavi said, “The film is a tribute to the sentiments of the people of India, and especially to the heroes and victims of 26/11.” Varma said that the movie will give a soulful insight as an “emotional interpretation of the actual story”. After the first seven minutes of the film, which he had unveiled earlier, the focus in the trailer is more on Nana Patekar, as the cop who disposes before the inquiry commission about the role of his force in the investigation of the terrorist attack on Mumbai. While interacting with the media, RGV said that he has restricted the film to the night of the incident and has focused on the happenings between 9 pm to 1 am when Kasab was caught.

He also revealed that the movie ends with the hanging of Kasab — a sequence that was added to the film after Kasab’s death sentence was upheld.

The film presented by Eros International and Alumbra Entertainment Production will release on March 1.


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