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Salman Khan works hard to get back in shape

Keen to hold back his spreading mid-riff, the actor has taken to a low-carb diet rich in fruits

Salman Khan, who recently turned 47, is evidently at the top of his game. With an enviable run of luck at the box office and a sphere of influence that extends well beyond Bollywood, he should have little to worry about, right? Wrong.

Seems, the actor, who has been battling several health issues, is now working hard at getting back into his famous shape. The original ‘fitness-freak’ of the industry, who inspired scores of younger actors to focus on washboard abs, is following a new diet and exercise regimen, as TOI has learnt.

“His major concern was his spreading mid-riff,’ says a source. “The paunch was visible, and despite the biceps and the broad shoulders, the belly was not to be tamed.”

So Sallu, who was a sucker for the biryani cooked in his kitchens of Galaxy, has drastically cut down on carbs. Right now, he is completely off rotis and rice, but drinks plenty of water and has loads of fruits. And to stop himself from reaching out for that cigarette, he just fiddles with an unlit one for as long as he can. In fact, now that he is not smoking, he does not need to take those smoke-breaks every now and then, pushing up his productivity considerably.

“When you cut down on carbs you need to increase your protein intake. Though he has cut down on his meat intake, he is making it up with protein shakes,” says a source who is involved with his diet while on shoots.

The new diet is apparently already showing results – the actor has been fresher and fitter, and is reporting to shoots on time – a first in his long career.

Besides his diet, Sallu is also making changes in his exercise regimen. “Because of his health issues, he has been advised to stay away from heavy weights. Instead of his earlier routine of lifting heavy weights, he now lifts lighter ones but has increased the sets,” said a source close to the actor.

It has been 12 weeks since Salman started on this healthier new lifestyle. And if sources are to be believed, this could also be for his role as a military man for Sohail’s film which goes on the floors very soon.


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