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Salman stands out in the current league: Manoj Kumar

“Nothing interesting has come my way. And it is reason enough for me to stay away from acting,” says yesteryear actor Manoj Kumar who recently won a lifetime achievement award at an event held in Pune.

“I have done 30 to 40 films unlike my contemporaries, Dharam ( Dharmendra) and Shashi ( Shashi Kapoor), who have done more than 300 films. Maybe they have better stamina but I have always respected my audience’s choice. That is why I have been so choosy about the selection of my films. I always wanted to give something to my audience,” says the actor, who is soon planning to make a comeback in films with direction.

“Stars have good bungalows, servants and cars. But we forget for whom we make films. Till the time we remember this, we cannot deliver good films,” he adds. Kumar feels that he has “invested a lot in indirect direction. Now it is time that I plunge in directing full time again.” Among the Khans, Salman is his favourite. “I have watched Dabangg recently and I liked Salman a lot. He stands out in the league. He doesn’t have a single wrinkle on his face. He has a personality which can carry off all kinds of roles with elan. Among the actresses, I like Kareena Kapoor and Kajol a lot,” he adds. However, for him today’s films are unlike the good old days.

“Film is still a director’s medium but so much dependence on technology is bad. Today only the star sells,” he adds. Kumar also doesn’t believe in the 100 crore club. “When Upkaar was made, the population was only 40 crore. And now with 120 crore Indians and multiplexes, there are a lot many opportunities,” he adds.

Kumar’s life is simple. “I don’t have an email id, I don’t have a cell phone. I just don’t want to complicate my life. I personally attend my calls and I never had a secretary.”

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