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Sanjay Dutt makes Priyanka Chopra forget her lines in Zanjeer scene

We have all heard of film stars’ crazy fans. But incidentally, Priyanka Chopra crossed all limits herself when it came to being in awe of Sanjay Dutt. Apparently, while acting opposite him in Zanjeer, she forgot all her lines!

Priyanka was so enamoured by Dutt that she ended up giving 17 retakes for the same scene in Apoorva Lakhia’s film Zanjeer.

A source from the unit said, “It was the scene where Ram Charan (Teja) introduces his girlfriend Priyanka to his close friend Sher Khan played by Dutt. She is a huge Dutt fan and was in complete awe of him. The fact that she forgot her lines during the take ultimately became a joke on the sets.”

Lakhia says, “Priyanka is a huge fan of Dutt. In fact, it was she who insisted that we cast him as Sher Khan. She calls him a rockstar. Finally, she got nervous and forgot all her lines during her scene. Sanju sir started laughing and after some takes he too forgot his lines. There was giggling and laughing all across the sets.”

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