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SRK loses Arjun Rampal to Salman Khan

The former Mannat loyalist has been reaching out to the star of Galaxy. And he has been given a warm welcome

In the ever-changing world of Shah Rukh Khan, one of the biggest changes has been his equation with Arjun Rampal. Once the best of friends, all of last year there have been reports of an intensifying chill between them. However, not much has changed between the Rampals and Gauri Khan, as they continue to party like the old friends they really are. While the reasons for this strange twist in the SRK-Rampal saga have been repeated ad nauseam, here comes a development that could do further damage to the ‘withering’ bonds between them.

Apparently, Rampal, who stayed away from SRK’s Dubai get-together on December 31, has been sending feelers to Salman for a while now, and has also expressed a desire to be a part of his reality show on TV. Given that the two have rarely been cordial, Rampal’s move comes as a surprise indeed. According to insiders, the actor-event organiser has been working towards building a rapport with Salman ever since Ek Tha Tiger released. At that time he even tweeted about how he was looking forward to the film after the first look went on air.

Salman has responded generously to Rampal’s friendly overtures. We have learnt that after the show organisers made it mandatory for all those wishing to appear as guests, to call up Salman and seek his approval, Rampal had no option but to pick up the phone and dial his number. When contacted, Rampal confirmed the news, but sounded a cautionary note against reading too much into this. “I am doing this to promote my upcoming film,” he said. When probed about his current equation with Shah Rukh Khan, he said: “I don’t want to talk about this at all.”

Did we open up some old wounds? Touche!

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