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True Lies: Amitabh’s secret passion for a young actress.

Mr. Bachchan has been a living legend of Bollywood. Be it his films, his family or even his own lifestyle people always respects him and his family. Bollyguide has dug up something very (un)like from Mr. Bachchan’s past. According to August 1991, Star & Style Magazine, Mr. Bachchan had created a huge scene at one party in front of hundreds of guests including the reporter.

It was at a party at Piano bar… Amrita Singh (Saif’s ex wife) was there with her friends. ABSr walked in with Danny. Jaya Bachchan was abroad at that time. After a while Amrita was ready to leave and she walked up to AB and Danny to say bye… AB insisted to stay back… Amrita stayed back and after a while started flirting with Danny who was looking dashing…Danny asked Amrita for a dance and one thing led to another and they got closer… That’s when AB struck… He pulled Danny forcibly and pulled Amrita and forcible embraced her passionately and smooched her hard on her lips. He held on to her tightly for many minutes. Amrita was shocked and speechless… She dis tangled herself from his arms and ran to the rest room.

AB followed her and tried to tell something. She said something to him and that blew his fuse. He began cursing Ravi Shastri and Vinod Khanna ( her ex’s) using four letter words. The guests around had literally frozen in their places in utter fascination and in pin drop silence and watched the drama enacted.

It was then that mutual friend Ketan Desai intervened and tried to ease the situation. He gently explained to them that they were making a spectacle of themselves. Amrita stormed out of the party. Bachchan friends attempted to hush up the incident. Inner circle of people gossiped about it.

Some of them claimed that AB had developed the hots for Amita after her break up with Vinod Khanna. AB was responsible for the Vinod Amrita break up. It was he who had instigated her mom against her aging suitor Vinod… Amrita’s mom Rukhsar had unwisely lashed out at Vinod in print and that interview made Vinod get rid of Amrita from his life for good.

Being in friendly terms with AB was helpful for Amrita professionally. AB apologized to her after the incident and it was a forgotten incident after a while…

BollyGuide Team tried to dig up the truths behind this incident. Amrita Singh is in no mood to speak a word regarding the incident. Mr. Bachchan as usual is out of contact with media. But, one of the guest who was present in the so called party did explained there was huge war of words between Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Amrita Singh during the party but the actual cause that fight couldn’t be unraveled.
So the whole incident remains as TRUE LIES for BollyGuide and its fans…

What do you guys think ? Did Amitabh smooched then younger actress like Amirta Singh ?

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