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YRF chooses Priyanka & Sonam over Katrina for their next project

While earlier Yash Raj Films would only repeat actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan in their projects, lately they have been picking actresses too for repeat projects. With Rani Mukherji and Anushka Sharma doing eight and five YRF films respectively, Katrina too had her fair share with five big releases with the company.

But it looks like the situation might have now changed. A birdie chirps to say, “When YRF directors have suggested Katrina for lead roles in their films, Adi has referred replacement actresses.”

An industry insider points out to two instances when Adi roped in other leading ladies in place of Kat. A bitchy actress says, “When Ali Abbas Zaffar announced his second film with YRF after Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, it was expected that Katrina would be his heroine just like his first project. Instead, they went for Priyanka Chopra.”

And then Aditya shot down having Katrina too in their next Ayushmann Khurrana starrer, and instead picked Sonam Kapoor.

Another source says, “Katrina has featured in YRF’s biggest blockbusters, and that too back-to-back. Maybe he is suffering from a Katrina overdose!”

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