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Bhatts know how to show love-making with grace: Sara

When it comes to Bhatt films, they are bold and sensuous. Sara Loren is super excited about Murder 3 as its all set to hit the theatres. The actress speaks to TOI about the bold quotient in Murder 3, sensuality and love in modern time.

How high is the boldness quotient in Murder 3?
Its pretty much there and with changing time we don’t go to watch simple films. As a public, I think The Dirty Picture was biggest hit and in Murder 3, there is no extra bold scene. There is a story in the film and the love making scenes are a requirement.

Are you comfortable doing bold scenes?
I was not comfortable when I started the film. However, first time as an actor it was a new experience for me. Randeep and I were comfortable and we also shot the scenes in a funny way. I like the idea of such shoot. The shots are very unique.

Do you think it’s important to do bold roles in Bollywood till the time u make a space for yourself?
Yes, I think as an actor it’s important. If we think about society in 2013, the girls are very bold. They show what they want; they are focused about their career. I have been fan of Madhubala, Rekha and that time love was different. Stories have changed, bold scenes are becoming a fashion. Girls, who do bold scenes nicely, understand that there is a technique of handling different expression, and nobody understands these techniques better than Bhatt. When I was shooting a love-making scene, there was an obvious trust that they will show it with grace. Bhatts know how to show love-making with grace.

As a modern woman, what’s your take on love and romance?
Real love hardly exists. Love story like Kajol and Ajay is great as they both are still working. People get bored sitting at home. If it’s true love get married. As a modern woman you get have to make a decision.

Do you think society accepts a woman, who is open about her sexuality?
Asians want simple wives & hot girlfriends. Women who are career oriented make their own decisions. They are part of society, they are earning money and time has changed.

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