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Deepika Padukone in comic mode for Chennai Express

In a career spanning half a decade and 15 odd films, surprisingly Deepika Padukone hasn’t really done a full fledged comedy film.

Now she is getting much more than what she would have bargained for in Chennai Express where she has experienced the Rohit Shetty brand of comedy that is as relentless as it gets.

With Shah Rukh Khan anyways managing to keep her in splits with his charm, it has turned out to be a double whammy for her.

“Deepika has been a part of many urban rom-com affairs or some dramatic films but comedy isn’t something that she has indulged in. Yes, there was a Housefull but the multi-starrer didn’t carry as much scope for her to stretch her comic act to the fullest. No wonder, when she stepped into the mad world of Chennai Express, it was an altogether new challenge awaiting her. She had on to be her toes, literally, for each and every scene since Rohit is a master when it comes to putting together comic scenes while Shah Rukh Khan comes with ton loads of experience.”

Add to that the fact that she is playing a typical Tamilian girl and matters became further tough for her as she could neither overdo nor underplay the part.

Not just that as delivering a stereotypical performance of a South Indian was out of question too.

“Yes, Chennai Express has been a completely new world for me; not just in terms of the genre but also in terms of the character I am playing. I have come to realise that comedy is a very different and difficult genre to do. Moreover there was no shielding for me either since this is not like another multistarrer by Rohit where you can afford to take your place in a corner. In the film it is just Shah Rukh and me which means the responsibility to deliver is all the more,” said Deepika.

“You have seen the First Look poster and can well realize how mad the set up is. Trust me, you haven’t seen anything. Wait for the teaser and you would know how we have gone all out in bringing on the laughter,” she added.

We are waiting for sure.


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