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Emraan’s international film finds producer and composer

The fact that Danis Tanovic’s (of No Man’s Land fame) new film will launch Emraan Hashmi on the world film scene is known. Pritam, too, has joined the crew as the film’s composer, while PrashitaChaudhary’sCinemorphic is now on board as one of the film’s official producers.

Prashita, who has had a long association with the Indian film industry, is happy to make a difference to a film with ‘path-breaking content’. She says, “I believe cinema to be a barrier-breaking medium and look forward to partnering with like-minded individuals who believe in the power of cinema.”

Emraan says, “It’s not every day that an actor gets to work with an Academy Award-winning director. It’s a huge honour to be working with Danis and we hope to create some great cinema together that will entertain, both on home turf as well as in the West.”

On his part, the director, Danis, maintains that he and Emraan are on the same page. “And that’s very rare to find,” he says, adding, “I am sure it will be a pleasure working with him. Also, I happened to hear Pritam’s music and thought he’d be great for the film.”

Prashita’s Cinemorphic has joined hands with Anurag Kashyap and Guneet Monga of Shikya Entertainment and internationally with Cedomir Kolar and Marc Baschet. Says Anurag, “I had met Danis years ago and wrote about it. I have been his admirer since No Man’s Land. And then, I read the script of this film and loved it.”


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