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Making Of: Race 2 (2013)

Armaan Malik (John Abraham) is a criminal mastermind, who runs a successful business with the aid of his equally devious sister Elena (Deepika Padukone). When Ranveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan) approaches Armaan through Robert D’Costa (Anil Kapoor) with a lucrative offer, Armaan is curious as well as skeptical of his motives.

To further complicate matters, Ranveer seems to be getting close to Elena as well as Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez), who is Mallik’s moll. How these characters indulge in a game of betrayals and double-crosses to achieve their own objectives forms the rest of the plot.

RACE 2 takes off with a bang. Literally. The chase that ensues soon after the blast, the introduction of the key players in the second installment, the sub-plots, the volatile games, the twists and turns… Abbas-Mustan and Shiraz Ahmed are on the right track all through the first hour. As a matter of fact, the first hour is very well knit. Everyone seems to be a double crosser here; the men are crooks and the women, devious. Also, Abbas-Mustan make sure they astonish you at every step. The twists and turns keep you captivated. In fact, just when you think this would be the last twist, another one leaps from nowhere, catching you by complete surprise. There’s hardly any dull moment in this hour.

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