Movie Review: I, Me Aur Main (2013)

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Box Office: Flop

Ishaan is a charismatic, good-looking music producer from Mumbai. He lives a sheltered existence, is the centre of his life, the apple of his mother’s (Zarina Wahib) eye, always protected by his elder sister Shivani (Mini Mathur) and stays at his girlfriend Anushka’s (Chitrangda Singh’s) house. He takes them all for granted!

But there comes a day when his life falls apart like a house of cards. Fed up of his flirtatious nature and being taken for granted, his girlfriend throws him out of her house. He moves into a dilapidated house, his mother leaves his father and moves in with him, his sister and his best friend are upset with him and his new boss Beena (Raima Sen) asks him to resign. His ego is severely damaged and his confidence shaken.

At this point, his new neighbour Gauri (Prachi Desai) comes into his life and from her he learns the importance of relationships. He starts taking initiatives towards mending and maintaining his past relationships.

Ishaan begins to truly fall in love with Gauri. There comes a point when he has to make a choice between his love that made him a better person or being a better person by taking responsibility of the actions he has done in the past.


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “I, ME AUR MAIN is a film that leaves you with a sense of disbelief on the one hand and sets your heart wishing for such a reality on the other.”
Zee News
3.0 “I Me Aur Main is rom com with a distinctly modern cutting edge destined to attract legs with their valentines at nearest plexes.. go for it if you are in a mood to love and wanna understand your love.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “I, ME AUR MAIN is a decent watch. More for the urban youth!”
Bollywood Hungama
2.5 “If you are looking for a honest ‘coming of age’ story, this flick might not really meet your expectations.”
2.5 “I, Me Aur Main has a tight first half leading to an unconventional climax. Watch it if new-age romance laced with a good looking ensemble is what gets you ticking.”
DNA India
Negative Reviews
2.0 “The film has its moments but falters badly with its plot.”
2.0 “Everything that is related to the cinematic aspect of the film, a doomed script and cluttered screenplay is painful.”
2.0 “I, Me Aur Main does not reveal much ambition beyond being a passable rom-com for the multiplex crowd.”
India Today
1.0 “It appears as if this movie was already a disaster from the moment the principal cast probably signed on the dotted line.”
Daily Bhasakar

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