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Neeraj Pandey’s directorial debut A WEDNESDAY, which made a strong social statement, remains fresh to this date. It’s one of those rare movies that won critical acclaim, swept major awards and reaped box-office rewards as well. The supremely talented storyteller now carries a major responsibility on his shoulders: SPECIAL 26 has to be a worthy follow up to A WEDNESDAY. While A WEDNESDAY was about the common man, his second attempt, SPECIAL 26 is about a con man. Sorry, con men. The core issue remains the same: Law breakers and law enforcers. SPECIAL 26, however, is more of a caper, inspired by true incidents.

Get Ready for a fake ‘Foursome’, with some ‘real’ stuff. Here it goes. With cool conmen, cops, chases, mind, matter and maal. But first, meet the members of the con-club. The asli khiladi Ajay (Akshay), quick-witted, daring and strong-willed – he’s the master-planner. Sharmaji (Kher), a wee-bit weak-hearted, but the real ‘loin of Punjab’ (with 8 bachchas and going strong). Add in, Iqbal (Kishore Kadam) and Joginder (Rajesh Sharma) – who add muscle to the master-mind. In the late 1980’s these conmen pose as CBI officers and raid malaamal matris, business magnates and jewellers.

With no records or FIRs – they escape after every heist with a clean (white) conscience and loads of black money. A (real) CBI inspector, Waseem (Manoj) along with sub-inspector Ranveer (Jimmy) get on a deadly chase to nab them while they’re faking it. Well, if you want to figure out con-asli, con-nakli, go ahead, wear Sherlock’s (Holmes) suit and crack this one.

SPECIAL 26 is based on the real-life daring heist dated 19-Mar-1987 where an unknown man posing as CBI officer Mon Singh recruited 26 men and executed a daylight raid on the Opera House branch of popular jewelry in Mumbai, and disappeared with jewellery worth lakhs. SPECIAL 26 is an intelligent con film which will require similar communication. The film is set in 1987 and has a very interesting plot.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “SPECIAL 26 is an intelligently woven, slick and smart period thriller with its subject matter as its USP.”
Bollywood Hungama
4.0 “Special 26 is an intelligently scripted, superbly acted, enthralling and believable heist film that is more than just that.”
NDTV Movies
4.0 “Watch the film for the arresting story served up in a fun, frothy style. Recommended!”
4.0 “Special 26 has all the required ingredients to keep a viewer’s attention intact till the very end”
Zee News
4.0 “Neeraj Pandey’s second film is a winner with fabulous performances.”
4.0 “Neeraj Pandey’s shift from common man to conmen surely winks for being something special this weekend. A mast must watch.”
4.0 “Special 26 is a breathtakingly smart film”
3.5 “Catch it for pure cinematic orgasm.”
Times Of Inida
3.5 “Special Chabbis is one of the finest films of the year so far.”
3.5 “Special Chabbis, in short, is an unpretentious, intelligent cinema that has potential to make a lasting impact. A definite watch.”
3.5 “While you know the basic story, you’re always aware there could be a fine twist at the end. And that is a surprise.”
Daily Bhaskar
3.5 “Special 26 is a better film, coasting on realistic performances and locations.”
Indian Express
3.0 “After a remarkable debut with the political thriller ‘A Wednesday’, Neeraj follows it up with a notable ‘Special 26’.”
Emirates 247
3.0 “SPECIAL 26 is indeed special. Get set for a delightful ride.”
3.0 “The film has a few aberrations. However, it remains what it was meant to be – Special!”
3.0 “Special 26 is certainly one of those intelligent flicks amongst the lot, which deserves an applaud.”
One India
Average Reviews
2.5 “Watch it for the con-jobs, the humour and Akshay-Manoj’s war of wits.”
2.5 “Special 26 is not a bad film. It keeps the audience engaged. Sadly, it could have been much better.”
Blog Reuters
Negative Reviews

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