Movie Review: The Attacks Of 26/11 (2013)

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The date is unforgettable. When terror scarred the face of Mumbai in one blood-soaked gash of death and mass destruction. Held to ransom, ravaged by horror, imbued with venom of a genocidal mass murder that made us all question – ‘Why? Why Us?’

That Black Saturday of 26/11, when ten couriers of terror brought in their package of loaded guns, ammunition and a barbarous game-plan of mayhem in Mumbai. This film is RGV’s tribute and testimony to the lost lives, shattered survivors and martyrs of 26/11.

The story starts off with an enquiry commission set up to find out what actually happened on the fateful night of November 26. Joint Commissioner Rakesh Maria (Nana Patekar) tells the commission board about the sequence of events and takes them on a journey of hate, courage, sacrifice and the inimitable Mumbai spirit.

Known for his penchant for crisp editing (Satya and Company come to mind), Ram Gopal Varma will take you by surprise with this movie.THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 is a cinematic interpretation of the barbaric attacks on 26/11, with the maverick film-maker unfolding the attacks on Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Leopold Café, Taj Mahal Hotel and Cama Hospital. Also incorporated in this motion picture is the arrest of Ajmal Kasab, the sole attacker who was captured alive, and his execution by hanging at Yerwada Jail in Pune last year.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “RGV and Eros International should dub this film in as many languages as possible. Methinks it should have an international release.”
4.0 “With this one work of riveting resonance, Varma has wiped away the bitter taste of his last half-a-dozen films.”
3.5 “THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 is akin to watching the barbaric act in rawest form.Do not miss this one!”
Bollywood Hungama
3.5 “For reliving the intensity of the attacks and this well retold narration, boasting of power packed performances by all, especially Nana Patekar, this one is definitely worth a watch.”
3.5 “This one can be termed as the ‘brutality at the worst’. The Attacks of 26/11 is an extremely intense, moving and gripping film, that deals with terrorism at its rawest form.”
One India
3.0 “If you can live with the refurbishing of facts, the film is an engaging watch!”
Average Reviews
2.5 “With real facts, figures and even flaws, such is the subject that it shocks, pains and stuns you into silence even now.”
Times Of India
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Though the film might send a shiver up your spine as the story is close to every Mumbaikar, the overall product could have been way better, we feel.”
2.0 “The Attacks of 26/11 feels like a over decorated half baked dish that has the right ingredients and toppings but lacks the taste to titillate your appetite.”
DNA India
2.0 “It’s a Ram Gopal Varma movie that’s just better than anything he’s made lately: discussing that in greater detail would be grave disservice to the subject of this film.”
Daily Bhaskar
2.0 “The Attacks of 26/11 is daring as a subject where RGV in his ‘extremist’ ‘narrow’ approach has missed the tremendous opportunity to carry it as a powerful cinematic statement on screen”
1.0 “Skip this film and if you really want to know what happened in Mumbai that night, look for the Channel 4 documentary “Terror in Mumbai“. Now that’s how you tell a story”
0.5 “RGV’S version of 26/11 was truly more gory than even the real events that occurred.”

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