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Race 2: heading towards 100 Cr. Club

Despite poor reviews by critics, the movie has finally managed to earn 90 Cr. nett by the end of second weekend. The second installment of super hit suspense action thriller Race was met by mixed reviews mostly negative due to its focus on style than substance. The script was not as thrilling and tight as the Race, nor did the acting by cast any better, but still due to its stylish look and stunts attracted the crowd towards multiplexes.

According to BOI, thefilm will comfortably cross 30 crore nett in Mumbai and should also cross 20 crore in Delhi/UP but whether it does 100 crore or not will be dependent on how it goes in the third week. The film should cross 95 crore nett as a worst case scenario and a decent third week will take it above 100 crore nett.

So, now the real Race Sanson Ki… begins for its producers, directors and its CAST specially Johh, Deepika & Saif who have not yet entered the esteemed 100 Cr. Club.

Lets leave you with the mashup song from the movie.

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