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Salman Khan accepts an award after 14 years

While actors fancy collecting awards and even making acceptance speeches, Salman Khan has been a glaring exception in this regard. The superstar shuns collecting awards at functions.

But on February 5, the 47-year-old superstar made an exception. At a function when he was announced the Best Brand Endorser of the Year, Salman Khan, true to his style, remained seated and didn’t care to collect the award. It was only after some cajoling by his fans that he stepped up on stage and accepted the award in person.

Usually, whenever Salman wins an award, he doesn’t go on stage to collect it. His brother Arbaaz Khan or someone else close to the actor collects the awards on his behalf. Why so? It is learnt that Salman usually jokes that he doesn’t deserve these awards. That’s commendable humility for a mega star.

Over the last three years, Salman Khan has become a darling of the companies wooing him for brand endorsements. The superstar now has a slew of endorsements in his kitty, from health products to soft drinks.

Salman apparently accepted the last film award for his act in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 14 years ago. So this new award of the Best Brand Endorser must be indeed special, not because it went to Salman, but because he collected it in person.


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