Sherlyn Chopra kicked out of Kamasutra 3D

UPDATE: After our news went viral. She has confirmed that she has actually been replaced. She is venting out more frustration in Twitter by tweeting;

Sherlyn Chopra ‏@SherlynChopra
“@amitmangla83: @SherlynChopra ke bina KS3D bann hi nahi sakti,,,wait and watch d situation.”

After thunderous response to the teaser of Kamasutra 3D (WARNING: 18+ Video. Viewers discern is advised. The video contains full frontal nudity.) with Sherlyn Chopra, the movie was thought to be next big thing in Bollywood, at least for Sherlyn. But fate had something else in the mind. The makers of the movie, specially Rupesh Paul is miffed about the fact that Sherlyn uploaded the ‘teaser clip’ which was shared to her for private viewing only. But instead she uploaded into her Youtube Channel for public viewing.

Obviously, it was marketing gimmick, specially by Sherlyn to become popular fast. But this time, it cost her the movie. The makers are already on talks with Hollywood stars Eva Longoria or Mila Kunis for the film. This just agitated Sherlyn who got into twitter to vent out her frustration;

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When asked to the makers about the incident Mr Paul said;

I was shocked to see the video. While sharing the video, I had specified it’s not for public viewing, but she still went ahead and uploaded it without our permission. We were so upset with her unprofessional behaviour that we decided to start considering other heroines. So far, we have shortlisted Eva Longoria or Mila Kunis. Kama Sutra is a more popular concept in West than in India so it doesn’t matter if the actress is Indian or American.


Sherlyn Chopra ‏@SherlynChopra
Unfollowed some soon to be legends… I now consider myself unworthy of following them anymore….

SherlynChopra Awwwwww!!! You r kind n sweet….. “@iBreather: @SherlynChopra the true #seductress.. No one is hotter than her … ❤”
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SherlynChopra Just pee on it and walk away………. #FateLovesTheFearless
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SherlynChopra Phuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk it in d buckkketttttttttttt n move onnnnnnn…… Never Mind!!!
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